You are currently viewing Freeze, Fight or Flight – What to do in troubled times?

Freeze, Fight or Flight – What to do in troubled times?

We are all witnessing history changing and all eyes are on our neighbouring country, which is going through the most dramatic moment Europe could have imagined.
But we propose to turn our attention to ourselves and see what we can do in a situation of these existential dimensions: what do businesses, entrepreneurs or even employees, all ordinary citizens? what to do in these conditions?

What is better for all of us, but especially for each of us, to do now: wait, pack our bags and run or reinvent ourselves, pushing the boundaries and trying new things?
Both in business and from a human point of view, we now have this challenge: Freeze, Fight or Flight – What to do in troubled times?
This and other questions that have haunted us over the last month we aim to answer – by challenging ourselves to the first offline debate after a long pandemic period of being online and meeting so rarely to socialize.
We invite you to attend an open discussion moderated by a native British facilitator, washed down with a glass of wine, tea or juice and spiced up with snacks and culinary delights.
Let’s meet again and socialize while discussing the difficult times we live in.

The event is free of charge, subject to availability.
Access details on 0722333081, whatsapp or email

Thursday 14th of April 19:00

(004) 0722 333 081

48 Ferdinand Blvd. I Bucharest (“Foisorul de Foc” area)

Sector 2, Bucharest, Romania

Free / but only if places left 🙂 – just call and check!

If you enjoy the event, you are welcome to leave a donation (to cover some of the cost). It will be redirected to an NGO helping refugees from Ukraine.