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Lingua Events is the division of thematic workshop-type events for conversation in foreign languages of the well-known Lingua Transcript center in Bucharest, founded and managed by Manuela Meleandră. With over 13 years of experience in the market for translations and organization of foreign language courses (for both individuals and the corporate segment), Lingua Transcript has the know-how and material base necessary to develop the conversation, socialization & networking workshops in foreign languages, with an educational component. Since the first edition, the Lingua Events Thematic Evenings have enjoyed a warm welcome from the participants (both Romanian and expats) as well as from the guests and moderators among whom we mention Irina Margareta Nistor.

What happens at a Thematic Evening Lingua Events?

  • You socialize in a foreign language together with persons who have common interests with you
  • You participate in exciting debates where you can freely express your opinion on a controversial topic
  • You find out interesting information from experts in the field
  • You participate to parlour games that are conducted in the chosen foreign language in the games evenings
  • You receive a linguistic feedback from an expert in the end
  • We serve you with a special selection of culinary delices
  • You will be able to delight yourself with the special wine of the evening or you will be able to choose the favorite drink from the juices, coffee and plain water put at your disposal

Why should you participate in the Socializing Thematic Evenings in foreign languages?

  • You will spend quality time in a relaxing, comfortable atmosphere and of good mood
  • You will broaden your sphere of contacts with persons who have common interests with you
  • You interact with native speakers expats in the respective language: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, etc.
  • You will broaden your baggage of knowledge and practice your lateral thinking
  • You will improve your abilities to communicate in the foreign languages of interest to you

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